January 3, 2011

Jerome Eben, AIA

By Jerome Leslie Eben, AIA
AIA NJ Regional Director ’11-‘13

I am sitting here at my computer on January 1, 2011 after Marsha and I had a wonderful evening with old friends to celebrate the New Year. I realized that at 12 midnight, I became the 16th Regional Director from our Chapter and Region, AIA New Jersey. I am following a long list of great AIA leaders in this position that started in 1966, with Jules Gregory, FAIA, All of these past Directors served with distinction, and David Del Vecchio, AIA, as I saw during my recent AIA National Board orientation has left me some large shoes to fill. I am honored by the confidence that the membership has in me to attempt to do represent and serve them on this esteemed body of AIA leaders.

I chose to entitle this article COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY, as my thoughts were to explain to you the member why I believe it is important to have a better understanding of our AIA organization. I will be the liaison between the national organization and all of six (6) local components that make up AIANJ. To be successful a two-way flow of pertinent information has to be established, so that you will be able to learn more about what resources you can have from AIA and so I can take back to the national organization your general concerns.

As a start I have taken the talking points from the National Board of Directors meeting just completed last month, and asked Lori Lee to send them to the new local section Presidents and all of the members of AIA NJ ExCom. It is my hope that a dialog can start from this first document. Your local leadership can use these talking points how they see best, but it is my hope that it will set the foundation for the effective representation that is being offered and that together we can build up from there.

Please free to communicate directly with me via my E-mail address, which appears below or through your local leadership. My plans include a visit to each and every local section, so I can meet as many of you as possible this year. Communication is the KEY and it is my goal to do just that! Help me bring back to Washington news of the great successes each section is accomplishing for their membership during this year and beyond.

Thank you!

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