President’s Message – One Voice

March 17, 2014

Kurt Kalafsky, AIA

Kurt Kalafsky, AIA

The American Institute of Architects was founded in New York City in 1857 by a group of 13 architects to “promote the scientific and practical perfection of its members” and “elevate the standing of the profession.”

The AIA and AIA New Jersey uses the collective power of our membership to speak as our one voice to the public and private decision makers in our home state and country.

Here at home we continue to push forward on the ” Good Samaritan” bill that would help to limit the liability for our brothers and sisters who want to help their communities by donation of their skills, experience and knowledge in times of disaster as we saw after hurricane Sandy.

We also continue to push to get licensure comity with Canada to help our firms that have opportunities across our northern boarders but are unable to pursue them in this ever shrinking global business climate.

This week as Architects from all over the country converge on Washington DC for our annual Grassroots Conference, we will be meeting with our legislators to advocate for march larger issues that affect us. The theme is “Let’s get America Building” and the major topics will be helping small businesses, repairing and strengthening our existing buildings, revitalizing our  communities, reforming our government and protecting the next generation of Architects.

We are exploring new way to heighten resiliency awareness in design and planning by participating in the Regional Resilience Coalition, helping the state write new guidelines for raising historic structures and supporting NJIT’s new Resilient Design Center.

On behalf of AIA New Jersey, I would like to thank all of our volunteer leaders and the staff at PSI for continuing to push for ward in advancing the awareness of Architecture at the state and local levels.

It is an honor to serve as your President and want to thank you for giving me the privilege of representing our state chapter composed of a talented and diverse group of professionals. We really do have the opportunity to shape the future of our state through the quality of our work.

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