Verity Frizzell, FAIA

Judith Donnelly, AIA

John Cwilka, AIA

Steve Lazarus, AIA

Ruth A. Bussacco, AIA

Matthew Pultorak, AIA

Ben Lee, AIA

Bruce D. Turner, AIA

Megan Pritts, Associate AIA

Jessica O’Donnell, AIA


Architects League Trustees

Joseph David, AIA

William J. Martin, AIA

Kurt Vierheilig, AIA


Central Section Trustees

Keith Chambers , AIA

Thomas Nulton, AIA

George Sincox, AIA

Carmine Cerminara, AIA

Richard Shive, AIA

Tom Smith, AIA

Sean Cuddahy, AIA


Newark & Suburban Trustees

DJ Pierre, Associate AIA

Harvey Montague, AIA

Steve Rooney, AIA

Victor Angulo, Associate AIA

John DeBrito, AIA

Brandon Warshofsky, Associate AIA

Banafshea Soltani, Associate AIA

Jason Peist, AIA

Diana Rattazzi, Allied Member


Jersey Shore Trustees

Craig Brearley, AIA

Peter Kozieiski, AIA

Malcolm Burton, AIA

Rafael DaSilva, AIA – Alternate


South Jersey Trustees

Peter W. Farrell, AIA

Phillip A. Giambri, AIA


West Jersey Trustees

Robert O’Reilly, AIA

John Glaviano, AIA

David Lummis, AIA

Kimberly Bunn, AIA


Achievement of this mission statement would not be possible with out the support and hard work of it’s members who volunteer to be part of the boards and committees within the association.

If you would like to get involved contact your local AIA-NJ component or Contact Us. If it were not for involved people, we would not be here.