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Design Conference
Sponsored by AIA New Jersey
Wed-Oct 02, 2013 through Thu-Oct 03, 2013 
Berkley Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ
All Day

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Two Day Design Conference event
Earn 9+ credits

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AutoCAD Level One
AutoCAD Level One

Sponsored by Robotech CAD Solutions
Sun-Oct 06, 2013 through Fri-Oct 11, 2013 
2 Marine View Plaza, hoboken
9am – 5pm

Students learn the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD. Using hands-on exercises, students explore how to create 2D production drawings.

Taking the AutoCAD Tour
• Navigating the Working Environment • Working with Files • Displaying Objects

Creating Basic Drawings
• Inputting Data • Creating Basic Objects • Using Object Snaps • Using Polar Tracking and Polar Snap • Using Object Snap Tracking • Working with Units

Manipulating Objects
• Selecting Objects in the Drawing • Changing an Object’s Position • Creating New Objects from Existing Objects • Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position • Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects • Creating Object Patterns • Changing an Object’s Size

Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
• Using Layers • Changing Object Properties • Matching Object Properties • Using the Properties Palette • Using Linetypes • Using Inquiry Commands

Altering Objects
• Trimming and Extending Objects to Defined Boundaries • Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry • Joining Objects • Breaking an Object into Two Objects • Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects • Creating an Angled Corner Between Two Objects • Changing Part of an Object’s Shape Working with Layouts • Using Layouts • Using Viewports Annotating the Drawing • Creating Multiline Text • Creating Single Line Text • Using Text Styles • Editing Text Dimensioning • Creating Dimensions • Using Dimension Styles • Editing Dimensions • Using Multileaders Hatching Objects • Hatching Objects • Editing Hatch Objects Working with Reusable Content • Using Blocks • Working with Design Center • Using Tool Palettes Creating Additional Drawing Objects • Working with Polylines • Creating Splines • Creating Ellipses • Using Tables Plotting Your Drawings • Using Page Setups • Plotting Drawings Standards Creation • Creating Drawing Templates • Using Drawing Templates

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NJIT Career Fair
Reverse Career fair to meet with Diverse Student Organizations

Sponsored by NJIT Career Development Services
Wed-Oct 09, 2013 
NJIT Campus, Gym and Tennis Centers, Newark
10:30 am – 5 p.m.

An exciting new component this fall will be a pre-fair event to meet with representatives from NJIT’s diverse student body, including AIAS, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), National Society of Black Engineers, and more. This brunch is only open to career fair registrants and will be held from 10:30 am- 12 noon.

The career fair is held 12:30 to 5 pm. Over 170 organizations attend and 1700 job seekers.

The registration fee is $500 but AIAS member firms under 25 employees will receive a 50% discount. Be sure to list AIA after your name in contact field when registering.

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Interior Technology 101: Residential Design Meets Technology &
Daylighting Design with Shading Solutions

Sponsored by CMI Interiors, Inc.
Wed-Oct 09, 2013 
The Crestron Experience Center , 6 Volvo Dr. Rockleigh, NJ 07647
11:30 & 1:30

Join CMI October 9th at the Crestron Experience Center 6 Volvo Dr. Rockleigh, NJ 07647 Where We Will Be Offering 2 CEU Lunch & Learn Options. Come for One or Both CEUs

11:30 – Interior Technology 101: Residential Design Meets Technology

Does the thought of incorporating popular technologies, such as the Apple® iPad®, motorized shades, lighting control, and security systems seem overwhelming? In this fast paced course you’ll learn the latest interior technology and how it shapes the experience of spaces you design. You will get inspiration for how you can expand the breadth of your practice by incorporating technology into your designs without needing to be a technology expert. Credits: AIA 1 LU

By the end of this lecture the attendee will: • Understand smart technology evolution in past 50 years • Learn what interior technology is and how design meets technology • Discover interior technology function & benefits relative to: Infrastructure, Lighting, Media, Integration, and User Interfaces • Explore top interior technology residential applications, common misconceptions, and design considerations

12:30 and 1:30 – Lunch Will Be Served

1:30 – Daylighting Design with Shading Solutions

Energy conservation has become a critical component in building design. In this course you will learn about the energy flow in the US and consumption of modern buildings. You will also gain a better understanding of the technical properties of shading solutions and discover how automated shading systems contribute to daylighting and daylight harvesting. AIA 1 LU

By the end of this lecture the attendee will: • Understand the energy flow in the United States and the energy consumption of modern buildings • Recognize energy divisions within buildings that can be made more efficient • Define daylighting and daylight harvesting and understand the best-practice methods for executing both by reviewing applications • Explain the benefits of automated shades systems and interior window treatments by way of solar properties of shades

For More Information or to RSVP to Jessica at [email protected] or 973-912-0922 x 200

AutoCAD Level Two
AutoCAD Level Two

Sponsored by Robotech CAD Solutions
Sat-Oct 12, 2013 through Fri-Oct 18, 2013 
2 Marine View Plaza, hoboken
9am – 5pm

This course is designed for the experienced AutoCAD user who requires additional training. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings using AutoCAD.

Drawing Objects • Creating and Editing Multilines • Creating Revision Clouds • Wipeout Objects • Boundaries • Regions Manipulating Objects and Data • Selecting Objects with Quick Select • Purging Objects • Working with Point Objects • Dividing and Measuring Objects • Using QuickCalc for Performing Calculations Template Drawing Creation • Creating Drawing Templates Dimensioning and Annotation • Introduction to Annotation Scaling • Controlling Annotation Scale • Working with Text • Using Multileaders • Dimensioning • Creating Center Marks • Creating Ordinate Dimensions • Creating Geometric Dimensions • Working with Dimension Substyles and Overrides Reusable Content • Using Design Center • Creating Custom Tool Palettes • Organizing Tool Palettes • Sharing Tool Palettes • Using External References • Managing External References • Referencing Non-Native File Types Blocks and Attributes • Working with Blocks • Creating Attributes • Editing Attributes Dynamic Blocks • Using Dynamic Blocks • Adding Parameters to Dynamic Blocks • Adding Actions to Dynamic Blocks • Using Parameter Sets • Creating Dynamic Blocks Layer Management and Best Practices • Working with Layer Filters • Using the Layer States Manager • Using Layer Standards Layouts and Views • Creating Layouts • Modifying Layouts and Using Page Setups • Working with Layout Viewports • Controlling Object Visibility in Layout Viewports Plotting • Working with Plotter Configuration Files • Creating and Applying Plot Style Tables • Publishing Drawings Introduction to Sheet Sets • Creating Sheet Sets • Working with Sheet Sets • Setting Sheet Set Properties • Using Fields in Sheet Sets • Using Attributes in Sheet Sets • Publishing, Transmitting, and Archiving Sheet Sets Working with Tables • Working with Table Styles • Creating and Editing Tables • Creating Advanced Tables • Extracting Attributes to Tables • Exporting and Importing Tables • Creating Tables Linked to External Data

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