Design Awards

2016 Design Awards

The AIA New Jersey Annual Design Awards Program brings public and professional recognition to architectural projects which exhibit design excellence.   Architects are invited to submit their work for review by the distinguished Design Awards Jury.


All submissions are on display for public view during the AIA New Jersey State Convention event to be held October 20, 2016 at The Palace in Somerset Park, NJ.


Click here to Register:   Submission Information and Application



October 1, 2016 –  Deadline to submit Design Awards entry form and fee
October 18, 2016 –  Submit project boards to the
                                 The Palace at Somerset Park, 333 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873
October 19, 2016 –  Design Awards Jury convenes
October 20, 2016 –  Announcement of the Design Awards Winners at the Reception

Submission Requirements

1. For each project, submit one 40″ by 40″, 1/4″ thick foam core design submission board displaying drawings, photographs, sketches and narrative to fully explain the project.  Models may not be submitted.

2. On a 2″ identification strip at the bottom of the design submission board provide the project name, project location, architect’s firm name and owner’s name.  The identification strip must be covered at the time of submittal until after the jury has completed its deliberations. It will be removed for the exhibition.  The material covering the information strip could be masking tape, or black 20# paper and should be easily removable without damaging the board.  The Architect’s firm name must be covered while the projects are being judged or the board will be disqualified.  The project name may appear on the Board in photos, sketches etc.

3.  The Design Board submission must be accompanied by a disc (one disc per board) that is clearly marked with the firm and project name and contains the following items.

Four to six JPEG images of the project.  Each image must have two files; a “high resolution” and a “low resolution” version.   The “low resolution” file must conform to the following size requirements:  a maximum of 350 pixels wide and/or a maximum of 350 pixels high saved as a JPEG file.

A text file with the description of your project saved as a PDF file.  The description should be one to two paragraphs in length, maximum one page.

Should your project win an award, you must submit a release form from each photographer or copy write owner for AIA NJ to use the JPEG photos that you submitted.   The release form will be sent to the winners. Execution and return of this release form is required as a condition for publicizing award winners’ photos.  No award winner photos will be publicized without the return of an executed release form.

4. All design submission boards that meet the submission requirements will be exhibited.

5. Design submission boards must be submitted between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Tuesday, October 18th, to the AIA/NJ representative at the The Palace at Somerset Park, 333 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873. Specifics will be sent upon receipt of the Design Submission Registration Form. Deadline to register a project is October 1, 2016.

6. Design submission boards must be picked up by 7:30 pm on October 20th from the The Palace at Somerset Park. Any design boards remaining will disposed.

7.  Eligibility for AIA Members ONLY (Non AIA Architects are not eligible to participate.)
• a.  Built and un-built architectural projects completed since January 1, 2015 may be submitted.
• b.  Architects with offices and licenses in New Jersey may submit projects located anywhere in the world.
• c.  Architects with offices outside of New Jersey may only submit projects located in New Jersey.
• d.  Submissions are encouraged for all types and sizes of projects.
• e.  Each project may be awarded in only one category.

Design Awards Categories

1.  Different categories are designated for Built and Un-Built projects and you must specify the category for your project when you register it.  Each project must be entered into one of the five categories below.

  •  A.Unbuilt Projects
  •  B. Built Projects – Open Category
  •  C. Built Projects – Residential Only
  •  D. Built Projects – Historic Preservation
    (limited to projects where the primary objective was to “restore” a historically significant building)
  •  E. Built Projects – Interior Architecture

2. The Design Awards Jury may make awards in two categories: Honor and Merit.

3. The Jury may make more than one award in each of the categories.


Drawings, photographs, slides and JPEG images of each winning project will be used for unrestricted publicity on the AIA/NJ web site, in other approved AIA/NJ publications and at the discretion of AIA/NJ.  Each winner must clear all drawings, photographs, slides and jpeg images included in the submission for future reuse and reproduction by AIA/NJ.


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For More Information

Please call Laura Slomka at 609-393-5690 or email [email protected]

Directions to Design Board drop-off at The Palace