AIA Small Firm Task Force Meets

February 15, 2009

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Under the leadership of Jeffrey Rosenblum, AIA, the task force met on January 7, 2009 to begin the process of assessing the needs of this member segment. The goal is to determine what the AIA should be doing to better serve the special needs of small firms, loosely defined as having 20 or fewer employees. Some initiatives already under discussion include providing templates for HR, marketing plans, Web site feeds, and newsletters. A mid-term goal is to develop two pilot programs focused on small firms that can test whatever concepts are identified in the current strategic assessment.

If you are a member of a small firm, let us know how we can help you.

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3 responses to “AIA Small Firm Task Force Meets”

  1. Bruce D. Turner, AIA says:

    The needs of the “small firm” versus the needs of the “smallest firms” need to be considered differently. The 2002 US Economic Census data shows that there are 23,263 firms nationally, with an average of 8 paid employees per firm (including officers and executives) and 44,578 non-employer firms (no paid employees…sole propritorships). In New Jersey, the same data shows 698 firms with an average of 7 empolyees and 1,534 non-employer firms. Therefore, we need to refine our view of what a “small firm” is and adjust our initiatives accordingly. I am willing to provide the group with the perspective of a sole proprietorship. And, I am sure we can find representatives of other firm sizes.

  2. Bruce D. Turner, AIA says:

    A further analysis of the same 2002 US Economic Census data further shows the vast difference between average firms with paid employees and and non-employer firms (no paid employees…sole proprietorships). The data shows that for the 23,263 firms nationally, they have total receipts of $25,240,181 (x 1000). That is an average total receipts of $1,084,992.50, which equates to an average revenue of $136,134.57 per employee. Compare that to the 44,578 sole proprietorships that generate total receipts of $2,303,752 (x 1000) which equates to $51,679 per firm. For New Jersey the numbers are similar: total receipts by firms of $669,467 (x 1000) by 4,802 employees yielding $139,414 per employee. Comparitively, the 1,534 sole proprietorships generate receipts of $80,384 (x 1000), or $52,401.50 per firm.

  3. Bruce D. Turner, AIA says:

    One last analytical fact from the 2002 US Economic Census. The total payroll by the 23,263 firms for the 185,457 paid employees was $9,713,240 (x 1000). That equates to an average of $52,374 per serson and is 38.5% of the total receipts ($25,240,181 x 1000). For New Jersey the figures are higher. The total payroll of the 698 firms is $289,408 (x 1000). For the 4,802 employees that equates to $60,268 per person and is 43.2% of the total receipts ($669,467 x 1000).



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