NJBIZ List of NJ Architectural Firms

March 4, 2010

New Jersey’s leading business newspaper and reference source, is preparing a list of New Jersey’s Architectural Firms, ranked by the number of New Jersey licensed architects. We seek your cooperation in adding information about your organization to our database. This will ensure that your company is considered for the list read by business professionals and consumers statewide.

The top 25 companies with the highest rank will be listed in our April 19, 2010 issue. In December, every year, lists are compiled in the annual Book of Lists, which is used by companies and consumers across the state as a directory of services. Information from all companies that respond to the survey will be available online at www.njbiz.com, whether or not a company qualifies for the list published in the paper.

There is no charge to be included. Simply complete/verify the form and send it to Danielle Neufell preferably via online submission. You can also email the form to dneufell@njbiz.com or fax it to (732) 846-0421. Please note, leaving fields blank will automatically generate an NA (not available) or WND (would not disclose) response. Required fields must be completed to be included on the list. It would be much appreciated if you would include a contact person’s name and e-mail address for our personal use. (We will not print nor share this information.)

Feel free to call us with any questions you might have at (732) 246-5733. Thank you for your assistance.

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