NCARB Renewal Offer

October 7, 2012

A Message from NCARB to Architects and Interns:
Welcome Back 

Welcome Back

For the second time this year, NCARB is taking steps to provide our customers with some financial relief in this challenging economic climate. We need your help in getting the word out to the profession about this savings opportunity.
From October 1 through November 30, we are reopening our “Welcome Back to NCARB” offer of reduced fees for reactivating lapsed architect or intern Records. The features of this offer are:
For architects: We are waiving all past renewal fees for architects who reactivate a lapsed Record or Certificate. Depending on how long the customer’s Record/Certificate has lapsed, this could equate to significant savings.
  • Architects who let their Records or Certificates go inactive while an architect will have all past renewal fees waived upon reactivation. The cost to reactivate is only $475.
  • Architects who let their Records go inactive while still an intern will have all past renewal fees waived upon reactivation, plus they will get certified for FREE as long as they qualify for NCARB certification. The cost to reactivate is only $475.
For interns: We are waiving all past renewal fees for interns who reactivate a lapsed Record. The cost to reactivate is just $75, and going forward, if their Record remains active through licensure, they will get NCARB-certified for FREE and will get half-price renewals of their Certificate for three years.
More than 1,000 architects took advantage of a similar offer earlier this year and reactivated their Records/Certificates. For full details about the fall fee relief offer, please visit:
We know that now more than ever, architects need mobility to stay competitive. The NCARB Certificate is a powerful credential and tool that can help them grow their businesses and their careers. For these same reasons, certification is also a smart next step for interns after licensure.
We’ve created a special web page, accessible from the link mentioned above, where you can get resources—such as sample news blurbs, sample Tweets, and graphics—to help spread the word.
Thanks in advance for your support of this effort, and thanks as always for all that you do to serve our profession.

Michael J. Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

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