Informative Seminar IDP and ARE Seminar Held at NJIT

March 1, 2013

On February 14, 2013, AIA NJ and NJIT Career Development Services, with the help of Jane Gaertner, hosted the IDP and ARE Seminar at NJIT. On this Valentine’s Day, several involved and concerned groups came together to ignite the passion of profession of architecture by educating, and creating a drive for our emerging professionals as they embark on their road to licensure.

The event was well attended by students, post-graduates and architects. Moderator  and NJ Intern Development Coordinator, Ashton Quintin  Jr., Assoc. AIA,  introduced the panel members which included Robert Ivy, FAIA, Executive VP and CEO of AIA,  Michael Soriano, AIA President of the New Jersey State Board of Architects,  Jerome L. Eben, AIA, AIANJ Regional Director and Director on the National Board and Michael Armstrong, CEO of NCARB.  Guest speakers included Joseph Abello from the NJ State Board of Architects and Martin Smith, AIA, Manager for the Intern Development Program. NJIT CoAD AIAS Chapter provided the manpower to run the event and AIA Newark and Suburban Architects and AIANJ provided the refreshments.

The panel provided keen professional advice to the numerous of questions asked, while also inserting their own experiences into their discussions, making the event feel more personal to the audience.  Mr. Armstrong stated that as students graduate they will find a field of acronyms B.Arch, NCARB, A.R.E., LEED, AIA, USGBC, PP, CSI, etc..  He explained that each acronym has a meaning that you the student will soon become familiar with in regard to specific standards and requirements of becoming an architect. The event specifically focused on the IDP and A.R.E. requirements as many of the attendees were just beginning the process in this their early careers.  Mr. Smith’s presentation about NCARB made many students aware of their general requirements to complete their internships and Mr. Abello’s presentation discussed numerous legal obligations and the law that all architects must follow.

As the Regional Associate Director for NJ, Jason Peist, Assoc. AIA reiterated the importance of AIA to those who may not know its purpose or value. For emerging professionals, AIA is not only an obvious choice for those seeking work, but also those who are seeking insight, importance and mentorship. IDP provides preliminary guidelines for those seeking to become architects, but AIA provides the continuing knowledge to become a leader in the profession.

Mr. Ivy spoke of his route to licensure and where it had now taken him in his long career.   His comments were captured on video and can be viewed here.   (Can’t view the video read highlights here.)  He also introduced Mickey Jacob, FAIA, the President of AIA who had come to town with him, and was going with Mr. Eben on the following day to tour ravaged areas of the New Jersey Shore from Superstorm Sandy three (3) months earlier.

Jason Peist, Assoc. AIA
2013-2014 Regional Associate Director | New Jersey | AIA National Associates Committee


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