Seminar: Design Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings

June 13, 2014







Newark, NJ – Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Hilton Newark Penn Station
1048 Raymond, Blvd Newark, NJ 07102

Date:                   Tuesday,  June 17th, 2013   8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location:             Hilton Newark Penn Station Gateway Center – Raymond blvd, Newark, NJ, 07102-5107, USA

Credits:                7 AIA HSW + 7 USGBC/GBCI

Cost:                    AIA & USGBC members: $65  Non-members: $90    Breakfast & lunch Included.

Topics:                 Geothermal Heating & Cooling • Skylights & Rooftop Support • Stone Wool Insulation • Advance Solar Facade Design  • Sound Attenuation • Quartersawn Hardwood • Non-wood Guardrail



Design Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings


7:30 AM    Registration
Complementary Coffee, juice & pastries

8:00 AM    ClimateMaster (40107443) –
Geothermal Heating and Cooling “A Renewable Energy Technology” (AIAGEOTHERMAL)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Mr. Gene Slavens
(405) 509-3300

This course will cover several critical topics surrounding our industry today in the world of geothermal heating and cooling. You will learn the basic principles of the geothermal heat pump technology and we will discuss some of the misconceptions that often arise in today’s market. You will walk away with an understanding of how and why geothermal heat pumps systems are so incredibly energy efficient and gain a general understanding of how the four basic systems are designed and work for each job application. This course will elaborate on the hybrid/geothermal heat pump system and explain how it not only gives you the high energy efficiency savings but how this system also gives the owner/user significant savings during the initial installation of the system while providing high energy efficiency and capturing tax incentives for the total cost of the hybrid/geothermal heat pump system. In closing, I will demonstrate to you in a case study of actual energy consumption differences shown between geothermal heat pump systems and VRF (variable flow refrigerant) system on the National Headquarters Office Building or ASHRAE in Atlanta, GA

9:10 AM    PHP Systems/Design (J490) –
Applications in Sustainable Technology of Rooftop Equipment (AIAPHP101)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Mr. Art Valentz
(832) 435-3824

This course provides an overview of rooftop support systems and includes discussions on:

  • Consequences of inadequate support apparatuses
  • How to properly manage dead weight on roofing systems without penetrating the roof, while allowing for increased load distribution and flexibility
  • How support systems successfully manage loads, as well as thermal movement and vibration
  • Selection of proper support components, assemblies and applications, and the importance of their overall performance to the roofing system
  • Support system design and installation process

10:15AM RoxulInc  (ROXGEN2012)-
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Mr. Thomas C. Whipple
(774) 218-2490

This presentations, describes how stone wool is manufactured, a comparison to other types of insulation, its features, benefits and applications including some insight into building science, acoustics and fire protection

11:20 AM      Skyco Shading Systems, Inc (40107170) –
Advance Solar Facade Design (102 / 2012)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Mike Brogan
(808) 640-5625

Energy efficient building design by using advanced products to control SHGC, provide day lighting and comfort.
• Attendees will be able to evaluate the options available for façade solar control with current and past technologies.
• Study the use of natural light as an energy saving resource though building envelope design.
• Review studies which provide healthier working environments for occupants using natural day lighting and ventilation control. • Make choices to reduce a building carbon footprint by selecting more efficient design through products and techniques.

12:30 PM           LUNCH

Presented by Denso MovinCool & Thinkglass

1:45 PM      Homasote (J582) –
Sound Attenuation (Soundatten11)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Manker Mills
(609) 915-2077

Principals of sound- including common definitions, i.e. frequencies, decibels, sound pressure and levels with examples. Code and legal issues. Sound control- an explanation of structural accoustics, terminologies- STC, IIC, flanking. Field and lab testing. Common misconceptions- exposing accoustical myths. Enviromental changes. Building trends. Materials. Designing sound control at the design stage. After the fact amelioration- existing building renovations.

3:00 PM       Frank Miller Lumber ( T215 ) –
Quartersawn Hardwoods (040609)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Criswell Davis
(937) 902-4727

This course will present American hardwoods as a truly sustainable finish material for interior use. Sustainable forest management, harvest and processing of logs into lumber, use of by products and end use will all be discussed, Quartersawn hardwoods, the premier hardwood product in the United States, will be described and there will be a good deal of presentation time showing applications. Criswell represents the world’s largest quartersawn hardwood sawmill and is considered one of North America’s leading experts on the topic. A veteran of 26 years in the hardwood business, Criswell has presented to over 3,000 architects and designers worldwide.

4:00 PM      Hughes & Ass. /Fairway Building Products (L161) –
Designing with Wood Alternative Guardrail Assemblies (FW 101)
1 AIA HSW Speaker: Mr. Yancey Hughes
(901) 494-4548

This program will provide information for the design professional to understand various non-wood guardrail technologies with a focus on code compliance, green attributes, pricing levels and warranties

5:00 PM         End of program


For More Information:

United States:
Ms. Danie Couture
(919) 637-4379

Mr. Stephan Forget
(438) 823-2383

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