November 5, 2017

By Jerome Leslie Eben, FAIA



Please do not let the title of this article scare you. It is not about Zoning or Planning Boards.  It is borrowed from a new off-Broadway play that I saw this past Halloween weekend.   The WP Theater at 2162 Broadway at 76th Street just 40 or so blocks north from the BIG Theater District, though this most enjoyable play should probably move downtown.

Adrienne Campbell- Holt, directs this dark comedy of construction problems and unreconstructed attitudes.  A New York Post article described the play “as the battle of the sexes – not from the casting couch of Hollywood, but from the field of cubicles in an architect’s office.  I knew that I was going to like it from the start because as I walked into the theater, the set included a drafting board, yellow trace, a light box and an electric eraser.  Tools of the trade back in 1992, when the play takes place.

The play written by Theresa Rebeck, follows the story of Eliza (Krysta Rodriguez) a talented architect who has joined a firm, four months earlier.   She has found her chauvinist colleagues do not seem to be able to design themselves better working relationships.  All I know was back in ’89 this male architect told girls ( ok, young women) in my career day presentations that they too can become architects…………and many did!

The run is short; don’t delay. Information for tickets can be had by calling (866) 811-4111 or on their website, by clicking here.

Do not forget to take a male colleague or two. Above all, enjoy the performance!





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