Celebrate Architecture With the Architect

April 18, 2018

Celebrate Architecture With the Architect

By Jerome L. Eben, FAIA

National Architecture Week is fast approaching and AIA New Jersey is ready to celebrate. Does that call for cake? Presents? Holiday cards?




We think the best way to celebrate National Architecture Week is by elevating the architects responsible for the beautiful structures around us.


Be it a house, school or office, where ever you live, work or play, EVERY BUILDING HAS AN ARCHITECT! ~ Bruce D. Turner, AIA




We all read stories in the press that speak about architecture and planning.  I have found that almost always the architect that is responsible for created these buildings is not mentioned.   I’ll bet you’d find the same thing if you noticed.


Join us in celebrating National Architecture Week by pointing out to your local journalists who might write about a building…………any building, that the proper credit should be given to the architect who designed it.  Should the architect not be mentioned, take five minutes and write an E-mail to that journalist and remind him or her that “every building has an architect, or should have one!”   If each of the nearly 2,000 of us takes on this charge, we may see a reverse in the current trend. Imagine journalists providing the public with the pertinent information that the building they are writing about was designed by an architect! What better way is there to celebrate National Architecture Week?!


Thank you!


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