National Architecture Week Day 3: Cities & Public Spaces

April 24, 2018

National Architecture Week Day 3: Cities & Public Spaces

Since the beginning of the year, AIA NJ Public Awareness Committee has been working together with expert member volunteers and allied professionals to develop resources and programming to support New Jersey cities and public spaces. While we are a small state in area, we are densely populated and every municipality faces the same challenges related to transportation, wellness, zoning, resiliency, security, affordable housing, maintaining public buildings and parks, preserving the municipal architectural history and making environmentally sustainable choices to name just a few.

Many of the people assigned to make these hard decisions for our cities are residents generous enough to volunteer as elected officials, municipal committee members or on a town task force. In most cases, these volunteers are not also assigned based on their expertise.

That is where AIA NJ comes in. We are working to develop best practice tools to educate and support our state’s municipalities to assist them in following new paths and processes that might yield greater success in reaching their local goals and challenges while making socially and fiscally responsible decisions. We are crafting methods to demonstrate how Architects’ talents as Creative Problem Solvers can support cities at a grassroots level to solve problems. We have opened conversations with the NJ League of Municipalities, NJ School Board Association and NJ Future to find out how we can help and to educate on the role that architects play in successful projects.

There is room for YOUR VOICE and KNOWLEDGE in the conversation. Be a part of the solution for improving New Jersey’s Cities and Public Spaces. Reach out to AIA NJ today to learn more and offer your support by e-mailing your interest to

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