In The AIA New Jersey Women In Architecture Spotlight: MJ Sagan, AIA, Strives to Achieve Simple, Clean, Thoughtful Design

March 31, 2019

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In The AIA New Jersey Women In Architecture Spotlight: MJ Sagan, AIA, Strives to Achieve Simple, Clean, Thoughtful Design

MJ Sagan is the president of MJ Sagan Architecture, an award-winning architecture firm in Princeton, New Jersey. Established in 2006, the office specializes in custom designs for a wide range of national & international commercial, retail & residential projects. Services include predesign (master plans, programming, feasibility studies, and existing condition documentation), architectural and interior architectural design. 

Fire Island House, New York, Photo Credit: Ricardo Barros








Princeton NJ Home, Photo Credit: Adrian Wilson










The firm works closely with each client to ensure a uniquely successful project, meeting the schedule and budget in the process. MJ Sagan Architecture seeks to maintain the highest level of thoughtful design and attention to detail on each and every project. The goal is to produce a design that is simple and clean in response to its site and project requirements. 



Hollywoodland Mansion Remodel by MJ Sagan Architecture in Hollywood, CA. Photo Credit: Nico Marques


A&F Conference Room Expansion, Columbus, OH. Photo Credit: Michael Moran



MJ’s work has been honored with numerous design awards including American Architecture Award, AIA NJ, AIA NY, AIA Columbus Ohio, SARA/NY, and Business Week/Architectural Record “Good Design is Good Business”. The projects have been exhibited throughout the US and featured in various architectural design magazines and websites.


A&F Building U Columbus, OH. Photo Credit: Michael Moran








A&F Prototype Columbus, OH opening. Photo Credit: Anne Ciotola














She is a LEED AP certified, NCARB registered architect licensed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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