Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2019

June 1, 2019

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2019

As we pull out of a week of unbelievable storms, wind, flooding and rain, we head right into the Opening Day of Atlantic Hurricane Season 2019!  Most people believe Hurricane season is in the fall, which is true, as it doesn’t end until November 20, but they don’t realize that it begins on June 1 of each year. 

Architects are uniquely qualified to assist building owners in developing design strategies to increase the resilience of their existing property and to design new buildings that work with naturally occurring disasters instead of being unable to tolerate the more and more frequent weather incidents. Many AIA NJ members are also trained to perform assessments on buildings ravaged by weather.

Predictions for this season have already been released and can be valuable in assisting people as they prepare for the upcoming weather occurrences.  

You can learn more here!

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