The New Jersey Architects Political Action Committee Welcomes Your Donation

June 18, 2019

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The New Jersey Architects Political Action Committee Welcomes Your Donation

The NJ Architects PAC meets on a monthly basis to plan our political strategy on behalf of our profession, your profession, your livelihood. Our actions are often up against competing interest groups, most that are much more lavishly supported than we are, significantly reducing our leverage regardless of our effort or message.  
Relying primarily on the modest contribution that comes through AIA NJ members’ dues payments leaves us at a political disadvantage compared to other trades and professions. At this time, the majority of our committee agenda is spent developing fundraising ideas instead of forwarding the legislative agenda of AIA New Jersey and the architectural profession. As a leader of your profession, please set an example and be a part of a logical, annual plan to properly fund the NJAPAC.  
Our PAC is set up in such a way that it is not a conflict of interest in any fashion if you contribute. You may participate as an individual AND as a firm.
Although any amount, large or small, is welcomed, we suggest $100 per individual and $500 per firm on an annual basis. Please contribute today AND make a note to add this to your annual expenses.  

The easy way to make a difference is to click HERE and donate online or by mail.

Have a question or comment? E-mail us at
Follow our progress and get involved on Facebook at 
Thank you for participating! 

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