October 8, 2019


The AIA New Jersey Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor that AIA New Jersey may bestow upon an individual.  It is in recognition of a significant body of work of lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture. 
History of the Award
AIA New Jersey Chapter and Region have a long tradition of honoring AIA members for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture and the American Institute of Architects.  In 2004, AIA-New Jersey President Robert Cozzarelli, FAIA, and Regional Director Martin Santini, FAIA, sought to establish a new award that would acknowledge lifetime achievement for an architect who throughout his or her career has continually  exemplified both excellence and significant contributions to the field. Further, President Cozzarelli and Director Santini believed it would be appropriate for AIA New Jersey Chapter and Region to acknowledge, with respect, the accomplishments of AIA Gold Medal recipient and internationally recognized architect Michael Graves, FAIA. Therefore, the AIA New Jersey Lifetime Achievement Award was named after Michael Graves, FAIA, as its first recipient. 
This award is presented as the most prestigious award bestowed by AIA New Jersey Chapter and Region. It is therefore awarded with great deliberation and not necessarily on an annual basis. The award will not have a commercial sponsor. It is recognition totally by and from one’s peers. 
Past recipients include Michael Graves, FAIA (2004), J. Robert Hillier, FAIA (2007), Eleanor Pettersen, FAIA (posthumously, 2010) and Jon Hlafter, FAIA (2014). 
Criteria for Eligibility
The Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement Award is open to a single individual (living or deceased), or two individuals, who have created a body of distinguished professional work. Candidates will be evaluated on how well they meet the selection criteria, which include:
  • The candidate shall have evidenced great depth, having a cumulative effect on the profession of architecture and society in general.
  • The candidate shall have evidenced great breadth, having influenced the direction/profession of architecture and the built environment. 
  • The candidate’s contributions to the profession of architecture shall have consistently been directed toward the future as well as the past.  
  • The candidate shall have evidenced the ability to transcend specific areas of expertise or shall have made connections between areas.
  • The candidates shall be widely known through the quality of his or her products by those who practice architecture, by those who teach architecture, and by those who do neither.
  • The candidate shall have been a member of AIA New Jersey in good standing and has strongly influenced and encouraged emerging professional to pursue licensure.  
Administrative Process
MGLAA Committee
The committee will promote the award, review nominations and forward recommendations to the Jury per the nomination process. It shall be composed of the following members:
  • Chair, to be appointed by the AIA New Jersey President
  • Founding member Robert Cozzarelli, FAIA, who will serve as the perpetuating member to maintain the original intent of the award
  • Previous MGLAA award recipient to be appointed by the AIA New Jersey President  
  • One AIA New Jersey member in good standing to be appointed by the AIA New Jersey President
  • One representative from the Michael Graves Architecture & Design firm
The jury shall be composed of three nationally recognized AIA members not working or residing in New Jersey. These members shall be selected by the Committee to serve an individual year. They will electronically review the nominations forwarded by the Committee. They may select a recipient or may determined that none of the nominations meets the criteria and the award will not be given in that year.   
MGLAA Nomination Process
Candidates may be nominated by a single current AIA New Jersey Board Member or Component Representative using the provided nomination form.  Alternatively, candidates may be nominated by a Petition Organizer who has gathered the signatures of ten (10) AIA members in good standing or five (5) Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. None of the petitioners shall be employed by the nominee’s firm.   
Summary Sheet
All exhibits must be submitted on a single CD disk or thumb drive in one single .PDF file not to exceed 6 MB for presentation to the MGLAA Committee and Jury. Four (4) duplicate CD disks or thumb drives are also to be submitted. 
  • A nomination letter summarizing the nominee’s contributions not to exceed one page from an eligible nominator
  • A brief biography of the nominee not to exceed two pages
  • A statement/list of the nominee’s achievements/awards not to exceed two pages
  • Descriptive statements and photographs of the nominee’s work. There should be three (3) images for each project represented, including a site/building plan and an exterior image and interior images as applicable and wherever possible.
  • Up to five (5) letters of support, not to exceed one page each 
  • Optional – miscellaneous material including clippings, articles etc., not to exceed three pages
Single .PDF to be submitted in a separate file on the CD disks or thumb drives containing the following:
  • Completed Nomination Sheet (form provided)  
  • Completed Nomination Petition with signatures, printed names and other information (form provided). Include either ten (10) AIA members in good standing  or five (5) Fellows of the AIA in good standing. More than one sheet may be used (i.e., not all nominators need to sign the same sheet) 
  • Completed release forms
  • Signed intern statement
  • Black and white digital photograph of the candidate
The completed nominated CD disks or thumb drives shall be sent to:
Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement Award
Attn: Ms. Lori Lee
AIA New Jersey 
414 Riverview Plaza
Trenton, New Jersey 08611-3420
So as to be received no later than 5 pm on October 11, 2019.     

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