Meet the AIA New Jersey 2020 President, Steven B. Lazarus, AIA

February 17, 2020

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Meet the AIA New Jersey 2020 President, Steven B. Lazarus, AIA


Steven B. Lazarus, AIA, one of the founding principals at Axis Architectural Group, graduated from Cornell University School of Architecture in 1982, one of the counrty’s leading architectural schools. 

Prior to the formation of Axis, Mr. Lazarus was a partner of another New Jersey architectural firm, where he developed his skills as a leader, businessman and an architect. During this period, Mr. Lazarus created successful relationships with The Port Authority of NY and NJ, Alfred Sanzari Enterprises, Normandy, Test America, and several large corporations and with many individuals in the private sector. 

After the formation of Axis Architectural Group, Mr. Lazarus continued to develop those relationships and expand upon them with the assistance of his partners and a strong architectural team. 

As principal, he provides leadership and direction for all of the staff. His professional skills and excellent design ability are evident by the diversity of successful projects and repeat clients. Mr. Lazarus’ responsibilities focus on business development, management, marketing, initial project programming and design. 

Mr. Lazarus is also successful at maintaining the strength of the firm’s finances and to ensure a positive, high quality environment for the staff. He believes the strenhth of the firm is a compilation of all the people who work within it. 

Mr. Lazarus has been a registered architect since 1986. He is a member in good standing with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and has licenses to practice architecture in multiple states. Mr. Lazarus is also a licensed Professional Planner in the State of New Jersey.

He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, serving as president of AIA New Jersey in 2020, and is a past president and current trustee for the AIA Architects League of Northern New Jersey. This enables him to dedicate time to the advancement of architecture for Axis Architectural Group and the profession as a whole. 


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