Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop Uncovers a Rare Surprise at City Hall

May 8, 2020

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Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop Uncovers a Rare Surprise at City Hall

by Michael Calafati, AIA, Chair of the AIA New Jersey Historic Resources Committee

A sliver of a silver lining in the upheaval and loss caused by the pandemic is that deferred projects have been undertaken, sometimes with beautiful results, while public buildings are largely vacant. Such is the case with the removal of non-historic vinyl flooring in Jersey City’s City Hall.  Recent tweets by Mayor Fulop reveal beautiful floors that appear to be Minton tiles.  Referring to tiles manufactured by the English firm of Minton, Hollins & Company, they were imported from the mid 19th to the early 20th centuries and were renowned for their beautiful floral and geometric patterns as well as their extreme durability.  City Hall, completed in 1896, is one of a constellation of important public buildings in the US that took advantage of such beauty and durability.  The most notable example its use is found in the US Capitol for which the Architect of the Capitol has an excellent web page at


UPDATE 5/15/2020: Here is a link to article with more photos



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