William J. Martin, AIA, Sharing His Profession With the Community!

June 16, 2020

William J. Martin, AIA, with buddy, Michael Riscica, AIA, founder of Young Architect

William J. Martin, AIA, Sharing His Profession With the Community!

The Westwood, NJ, Free Public Library is hosting a kids’ career exploration program this summer, and our very own William J. Martin, AIA, was invited to participate as a representative Architect. 

Local professionals were offered the following:

Thank you for participating in our new program, “I Can Be A”! Your participation will
not only provide great insight into your chosen career to children but will also be tied to
our Summer Reading Incentive program. We plan to post one video per week over the
summer for children to view. They will then answer questions pertaining to the information
you provide in your recording and submit it to the library for prize coupons.
Here are some tips you may want to review prior to your recording.
● Review the questions and your responses prior to recording.
● Look directly into the camera and speak clearly.
● Make sure there is no background noise or personal items showing (photos,
documents, bills)
● Keep your video to about 10 -12 mins.

Bill was specifically asked to answer the following questions:

I can be a…Architect
What made you decide to pick this career? 

Was anyone a big influence to you when deciding on this career?
Where did you go to school?
Can you describe a typical work day?
What do you like best about your job?
What are the challenges associated with your job?
What advice do you have for someone thinking about becoming an architect?
What has been your biggest success?
Would you do anything differently if you could go back in time?

“I created the 10-minute video and sent it along to the librarians. It’s intended for elementary school children. They watch the video and then take a short quiz in order to win points toward raffle tickets and prizes like books and library gear,” said Bill.  The whole “I Can Be A” series can be found HERE

Bill’s video is right here…



Bill, recognized by the Architects’ League of Northern New Jersey and the New Jersey State government for his community service, realizes that kids cannot become architects or understand the value architects bring to society if architects don’t take the time to share the message about the profession. This exciting opportunity might start off townwide, but the potential is FAR REACHING! We encourage all of our members to look for or to CREATE similar opportunities in your own communities and across the world! 

Children’s Librarian Denise Lester, MLIS, said the following, “Thank you so much for participating in our program.  Your time is greatly appreciated.  The video was OUTSTANDING!  You covered all of the talking points concisely.  It will be incorporated into our Summer Reading Incentive Program as an activity to view and earn a raffle ticket.  Additionally, I know it will go a long way in informing and influencing our young patrons.”

Great work, Bill! 

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