School is Out, Again!

June 17, 2020

School is Out, Again!

Today may be the official last day of classes for many New Jersey communities, but due to COVID-19, Governor Murphy has declared that schools have been “out” since March 13. Most NJ schools switched to an online, virtual classroom format starting March 15, which children participating from home. Some households easily transitioned into work from home for kids and parents, with home offices and converted dining rooms. Other families scrambled for adequate wifi and separate desk space. Still, others set up shop wherever it felt comfortable.

Hopefully, all of this can relax a bit for the next two months, with school over for the summer, but the bigger question is what will school look like in fall 2020? 

With social distancing a strict requirement for safe gathering, typical crowded cafeterias and lockers leaving kids standing shoulder to shoulder will not suffice. A new space plan for school is definitely a necessity.  An architect is the right professional to guide local school districts on best using their existing facilities in a modified plan. AIA National has developed THESE RESOURCES to help the process. 

Find an Architect to prepare your schools for Fall 2020 by clicking HERE

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