Superstorm Sandy 10th Anniversary Experts

October 27, 2022

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Superstorm Sandy 10th Anniversary Experts

AIA New Jersey Architect Experts Available


Super Storm Sandy happened 10 years ago this month. The American Institute of Architects New Jersey Chapter (AIA New Jersey) joins our state leaders reflecting on Superstorm Sandy and remembering the lessons learned.

AIA New Jersey Architects have lived and worked through the experience of Superstorm Sandy and assisted residents in the long rebuilding process. All New Jerseyans have learned about the destruction that can be caused by a powerful storm.  

We stand ready to apply our members’ knowledge, experience, and creativity to be ready when the next storm aims at New Jersey.  Our member architects design buildings, every day, that fight the effects of climate change. We create and integrate storm-hardened, energy-efficient, and resilient features into buildings that protect the health safety, and welfare of NJ residents throughout the state. This work is part of the future of the Garden State everywhere from our world-famous shoreline to our mountain and river ecosystems.

Our experts can answer questions, provide quotes, explain rebuilding, and have access to rebuilt projects along the Jersey Shore and in inland communities.

On-camera interviews can be arranged for your news organization.

Contact any of us to coordinate:

William J. Martin, AIA, Public Awareness Co-Chair

Stacey Kliesch, AIA, Advocacy Consultant

Joseph Simonetta, CAE. Hon AIA, Executive Director

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your reporting with facts and experience.

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