The AIA New Jersey Historical Archives Committee Is Looking For New Members

January 11, 2023

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The AIA New Jersey Historical Archives Committee Is Looking For New Members

Do you know the history of Architectural Registration in New Jersey? In this article published by the Jersey City News on Feb 23, 1898, we learn that The NJ Society of Architects (the original name of the AIA NJ Chapter) presented a bill to the state senate establishing a State Board of Architects and the beginnings of the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) for our state. The ARE was to be held twice a year. To be eligible to sit for the exam, you had to be 21 years of age and pay a $5 fee. After passing, a $15 fee was due to receive your license. (The current cost in 2023 for the ARE is $1,440). All those already practicing in 1898 were required to become officially licensed, setting forth the standard of practice. 

The AIA NJ Historical Archives Committee is now currently looking for a representative from each section. Please contact your section’s president or Joyce Scatuccio, Associate AIA, at for more information. and to volunteer.

You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.

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