It’s 2021 Fire Prevention Week!

October 6, 2021

It’s 2021 Fire Prevention Week! This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety,” seeks to better educate the public about the sounds smoke alarms make, what those sounds mean, and how to respond to them. SHare this tip sheet and check out the video below to learn more about the different Read More

Fire Prevention Week 2019

October 6, 2019

Fire Prevention Week 2019   Today we kick off 2019 Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme is “Not Every Hero Wears A Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape.” This is a perfect theme for architects to get involved assisting their clients with fire safety. Consider reaching out to them this week with an escape route Read More

Fire Prevention Week Wraps Up with Reminders About Smoke Alarms

October 13, 2018

Fire Prevention Week Wraps Up with Reminders About Smoke Alarms Smoke Alarms need to be installed correctly and maintained regularly to protect your home and loved ones when an emergency strikes. Take our reminder and spend some time this weekend making sure you are protected. Don’t forget to share this with friends, family and clients.

Fire Prevention Week: Home Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property

October 11, 2018

Fire Prevention Week: Home Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property Do you have fire sprinklers in your home? Do you specify them on all of your residential projects? It is proven that properly installed and maintained home fire sprinklers save lives and property over construction without them. Do your homework and make the responsible choice to Read More

Fire Protection Week: Heating Safety

October 8, 2018

Fire Protection Week: Heating Safety Over the summer months when our heating systems are turned off if it common for us to become lax about heating safety. Keeping heating equipment in good working order is a key to protecting our homes from fire. Before it gets much later, run a heating safety check around your house. Make sure Read More

Fire Prevention Week Begins

October 7, 2018

Fire Prevention Week Begins! Make some time today to gather your housemates and make or review your fire escape plan. You need strategies to safely escape and avoid smoke inhalation in the event of an emergency. Use these tips to assist with your planning session. Being prepared saves lives. Share this message with friends, family, and Read More



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