McEntee Resigns, Interim Executive Director Named

June 17, 2010

Convention News

David Del Vecchio, AIA

McEntee Resigns, Interim Executive Director Named

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Christine McEntee will leave the Institute July 23, 2010 to become Executive Director of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), an international non-profit scientific association dedicated to furthering the sciences of geophysics through individual efforts and in cooperation with other scientific organizations.

Pamela Kaul of Association Strategies, Inc. will head the search effort for a replacement, working closely with the following Search Committee.

Committee Chair: Thompson (Thom) Penny, FAIA

AIA Board of Directors – Class of 2010:  Pamela Touschner, FAIA

AIA Board of Directors – Class of 2011: Paul Mankins, FAIA

AIA Board of Directors – Class of 2012: Susan Chin, FAIA

AIA Board Executive Committee and Secretary: Stephen Loos, FAIA

AIA Member-at-Large: Ken Ross, Jr., FAIA

Associate Member: Ted Landsmark, Assoc. AIA

CACE Representative: Michael Waldinger                 

Component Leader: Michael Del Rio, AIA                   

Ex-Officio Members

AIA President George H. Miller, FAIA      

AIA President-elect Clark Manus, FAIA

Vice President, Human Resources: Michael Hoagland

Paul W. Welch, Jr., Hon. AIA, will serve as interim Executive Vice President/CEO of the AIA, effective July 19, 2010. Paul is the well-respected and effective Executive Vice President of the AIA California Council, the Institute’s largest State Component. Paul will continue in this role through the successful conclusion of a national search to fill the position made vacant by the departure of Chris McEntee. He will coordinate closely with the AIA staff, Components, and elected leadership to ensure a smooth transition when a permanent Executive Vice President/CEO is selected.

Paul will assume the full legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the AIA EVP/CEO position, including managing the national Component staff, annual operating budget and AIA programs, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Institute. His long-time experience and perspective leading an AIA Component will be especially valuable in ensuring that members needs remain our highest priority.

He brings nearly three decades of experience leading the AIACC as well as a strong background in public service having served as the Executive Officer for the California State Board of Architectural Examiners from 1978 to 1981, and earlier as Director of Consumer Affairs for the California counties of Stanislaus and Monterey.

Annual Election of the Executive Committee of the AIA

The results of the election of new Executive Committee members of the Institute were announced at the Convention. The new members of the 2011 Executive Committee are:

First Vice President / President Elect              Jeffery Potter, FAIA

Vice Presidents                                                           Dennis Andrejko, FAIA

                                                                                           John Padilla, AIA

Secretary                                                                       Helene Dreiling, FAIA

The successful candidates will join Clark D. Manus, FAIA, as he automatically ascends to the office of President of the Institute, and the rest of the Executive Committee completing their terms:

Vice Presidents                                     Mickey Jacob, FAIA

                                                                      Peter Kuttner, FAIA

Treasurer                                                  John W. Rogers, AIA, ACHA

AIA Annual Business Meeting Actions

At the annual business meeting of the Institute on Saturday, June 12, 2010, the following actions were taken by the delegates accredited to vote.

Bylaws Amendments

Per the Institute Bylaws, approval is required by two-thirds of ALL votes accredited to be cast. That total was 4617; two-thirds of which is 3078.

Bylaws Amendment 10-A

Abbreviation of Titles of Associate and International Associate Members

Passed (3861 in favor, 6 against, 111 abstained)

Bylaws Amendment 10-B

Electronic Voting at Meetings of the Institute

Passed (3986 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstained)

Bylaws Amendment 10-C

Member Dues Payment Plan

Passed (3744 in favor, 53 against, 0 abstained)

Bylaws Amendment 10-D

Associate Members as Regional Directors on the Institute’s Board of Directors

Failed (2727 in favor, 1022 against, 21 abstained)


Per the Institute Bylaws, resolutions require approval by a majority vote of those present and voting.

Resolution 10-1, Representation by Proxy

Passed (3198 in favor, 541 against, 365 abstained)

Resolution 10-2, Establish a Task Force on a National Convention Location Strategy

Passed (3269 in favor, 558 against, 57 abstained)

Resolution 10-3, Support for Development of the International Green Construction Code

Passed (3533 in favor, 124 against, 137 abstained)

Resolution 10-4, A Call to Action (amended at the meeting)

Failed (1191 in favor, 2391 against, 55 abstained)

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