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Equity in Architecture Series

Wednesday, July 29. Equity Chair Stacey Kliesch, AIA, will be presenting a two-hour program on Advancing Careers with guest speaker Carla Bonacci, AIA.

Wednesday, September 9, Susan Pikaart Bristol, AIA, will join Stacey for 120 minutes on Engaging Community.  

Wednesday, September 30 with 2 continuing education units available for a program on Measuring Progress.

All programs are scheduled as Zoom webinars from 5:30 – 7:30PM and will include AIA credit, pending approval. 


Equity in Architectural Registration Series

  • Thursday, July 30th 7-9pm Equity in Early Education: If We Can See It, We Can Achieve It 
  • Thursday, Aug 13th 7-9pm Equity in Architecture Education: Removing Road Blocks 
  • Thursday, Aug 27th 7-9pm Equity in Apprenticeship: AXP and giving our Interns equal access 
  • Thursday, Sept 10th 7-9pm Equity in Testing: What the ARE can learn from LSAT and Barbri 
  • Thursday, Sept 24th 7-9pm Equity in Licensing: NCARB and the Princeton Theory of Licensure 
  • Thursday, Oct 8th 7-9pm Equity in the Profession: Building a More Diverse Architecture Industry
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The AIA New Jersey Equity in Architecture Series Presents

Equity in Career Advancement


Equity in  Career  Advancement
Date:  July 29th
Time:  5:30 pm – 7:30 pm



Smart firms are taking the time to examine their workplace culture, office procedures and management attitudes to look for areas of inequity and opportunities to increase inclusion. This seminar is beneficial for all firms and individuals, including employees, managers and principals, even if you think everything is already working just right.  

This seminar offers employers and organizations ways to support the development of all employees, with an eye toward equity and inclusiveness, and calls attention to critical junctures commonly found in architectural careers. 

This two-hour seminar is based on the AIA Guides to Equitable Practice Chapter 7: Advancing Careers. AIA NJ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Chair Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIA, and past Women in Architecture chair, Carla Bonacci, AIA, will be presenting this Zoom webinar on Wednesday, July 29th, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. 

2 AIA LUs Pending approval

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how race and gender factor into the speed at which one moves along one’s career pathway.
  2. Participants will discuss systems and processes that are common obstacles in career paths, instead of focusing on what individual employees’ need to change.
  3. Participants will learn the benefits of providing clear, written criteria for promotion.
  4. Participants will learn the career advancement lattice pathway vs. the career advancement ladder pathway.


Speakers:  Carla Bonacci, AIA  and  Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIA


Anticipating approval for 2 LUs




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Equity in Architectural Registration


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