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The following are current members of AIA New Jersey who have been honored by the American Institute of Architects through their election to the college of Fellows in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the profession.

With the exception of the Gold Medal, Fellowship is the highest honor the AIA can bestow on a member.


Name Year Area
Romeo Aybar, FAIA 1983 Architects League
Joseph D. Bavaro, FAIA 1989 Central
Rick Bell, FAIA 2000 Central
Ronald Bertone, FAIA 1997 Newark & Suburban
Martin M. Bloomenthal, FAIA 2000 Central
Carla Bonacci, FAIA 2022 Central
Hugh A. Boyd, FAIA 2001 Newark & Suburban
William Brown, III, FAIA 2021 Newark & Suburban
Van B. Bruner Jr., FAIA 1979 West Jersey
Patrick Burke, FAIA 2022 Central
John P. Clarke, FAIA 1999 Central
Robert Cozzarelli, FAIA 2019 Newark & Suburban
John J. Crandall, FAIA 2021 Newark & Suburban
P. Eric De Varis, FAIA 1990 Newark & Suburban
Suzanne DiGeronimo, FAIA 1992 Architects League
Lawrence S. Doane, FAIA 1987 Jersey Shore
Jerome Leslie Eben, FAIA 2017 Newark/Suburban
Laura Ettelman-Gunter, FAIA 2021  
Deane M. Evans, FAIA 1999 Architects League
Michael Farewell, FAIA 1999 Central
Donald Fram, FAIA 2010  
Verity Frizzell, FAIA 2018 Jersey Shore
Nicholas Garrison, FAIA 2019 West Jersey
James A. Gatsch, FAIA 2002 Central
Robert Geddes, FAIA 1967 Central
Harold D. Glucksman, FAIA 1982 Newark & Suburban
Glenn Goldman, FAIA 2007 Newark & Suburban
S. James Goldstein, FAIA 1985 Newark & Suburban
Bernard J. Grad, FAIA 1961 Newark & Suburban
Thomas Grassi, FAIA 2017  
Michael E. Graves, FAIA* 1979 Central
Sanford Greenfield, FAIA 1970 Newark & Suburban
Alan M. Hantman, FAIA 2001  
Anne Harney, FAIA 2016 Jersey Shore
Herman Hassinger, FAIA 1973 West Jersey
John D. Hatch, FAIA 2014 Central
Justin Henshell, FAIA 2002 Jersey Shore
Mark A. Hewitt, FAIA 2009 Newark & Suburban
J.Robert Hillier, FAIA 1980 Central
Jon D. Hlafter, FAIA 2004 Central
Howard H. Horii, FAIA 1983 Newark & Suburban
Joe Jordan, FAIA 1972  
Gary Y. Kaplan, FAIA 1997 Jersey Shore
Allan W. Kehrt, FAIA 2001 Central
Bernard A. Kellenyi, FAIA 2000 Jersey Shore
Philip S. Kennedy-Grant, FAIA 2010 Newark & Suburban
S. Klatskin, FAIA 2010  
Brian Kowalchuk, FAIA 2019 Central
Gary Lapera, FAIA 2014 Central
Ralph Lerner, FAIA 1999 Central
Dean Marchetto, FAIA 2016 Architects League
Ronald J. McCoy, FAIA 2007 Central
Ferninando Micale, FAIA 2009  
Daniel R. Millen Jr., FAIA * 1999 Central
Michael J. Mills, FAIA 2000 Newark & Suburban
David Mohney, FAIA 2012 Newark & Suburban
G. Michael Mostoller, FAIA * 1994 Central
Robin L. Murray, FAIA 2011 Central
Daniel Nall, FAIA 2003  
Karen Nichols, FAIA 2003 Central
Edward Oldziey, FAIA * 1961  
Eleanore Pettersen, FAIA * 1991 Architects League
Pamela Lucas Rew, FAIA 2015 Central
Edward N. Rothe, FAIA 1988 Central
Martin G. Santini, FAIA 2002 Architects League
Michael Schnoering, FAIA 2016 Central
Richard Schoen, FAIA 1983  
Laura Stagner, FAIA 2021  
William Stein, FAIA 2008  
Joseph G. Tattoni, FAIA 2015 Central
Kenneth A. Underwood, FAIA* 1993 Newark & Suburban
Werner Wandelmaier, FAIA* 1986  
Anne Weber, FAIA 2009 Central
David West, FAIA 2018  
Kenneth D. Wheeler, FAIA 1974 Jersey Shore
Albert Zaccone, FAIA  2002 Architects League

Members with an asterisk* following their name are deceased.