Design Competition for Summit Entryways

May 7, 2009

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Public Arts/Summit seeks artists and designers for three-dimensional works to be placed at two major entrances to the City of Summit. Information on project can be found on their website. Deadline for interested participants is June 15, 2009.

The City of Summit, in Union County, NJ, seeks artists and design professionals interested
in creating original three-dimensional projects for installation at the two principal roadway
entrances to the city. Interested artists/designers are invited to submit a portfolio of their
relevant work, as the first step in a design competition.

The two sites are located on two-lane, 35 MPH streets at opposite sides of the City of Summit.
The project should identify the city and increase people’s appreciation of art and good design.
The design must incorporate the word “Summit” in a way that is clear from a moving vehicle.
The final work must be durable and very low maintenance. Depending on submissions, either
one or two designs will be selected.

To find out more:

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