AIA New Jersey Strategic Council Regional Representative, Bruce D. Turner, AIA, Elected to National Position

August 23, 2018

Bruce D. Turner, AIA, Elected 2019 Moderator of the National AIA Strategic Council

Bruce D. Turner, AIA, the 2005 President of AIA New Jersey and our 2017-2019 Regional Representative to the Strategic Council, has been elected by his fellow Councilors to be the Moderator and lead the efforts of the Strategic Council in 2019.

In 2012 the Institute embarked on a project called “Repositioning the AIA”. One of the outcomes of that process was the establishment of a different, more nimble form of leadership, allowing the organization to be more responsive to the members needs and more adept at identifying important issues and opportunities affecting the profession. To accomplish this, the Board was made smaller, and charged with the operational and fiduciary responsibilities of the organization. A second, forward thinking body – the AIA Strategic Council – was formed to seek out important professional issues and opportunities. Bruce will be only the fifth person to hold the title of Moderator, and takes the reigns at a pivotal time. “In an era of unparalleled disruption, the profession and the Institute must aggressively position itself to address these challenges. The Council works on these issues every day.”

Turner has a solid reputation of being a most well read, proactive, intelligent and insightful member of AIA; having served as President of AIA South Jersey for 17 years, Past President of AIA New Jersey, long-time and current co-chair of the AIA NJ Public Awareness Committee and recipient of multiple service awards. He has always, and continues to, challenge his professional peers to explore beyond the obvious and make the most carefully considered and measured decisions. His recommendations are fair and thoughtful, inspiring everyone around him to be better leaders, as well.

His colleagues at AIA New Jersey were not at all surprised that Bruce was recognized with this new title and responsibility as there could be no other better suited to guide the conversation at the Strategic Council. Congratulations and support were heartily expressed at the announcement.

Earlier this year, Bruce has been traveling throughout New Jersey, taking his lessons of and from the Strategic Council to the members at their local meetings. As he says, “the Strategic Council is a body designed to seek out issues and opportunities affecting the profession. Therefore, we are encouraged to listen to you, the members, and include the information you share with us into the deliberations of the Council. My door is always open to every member for that conversation. The more information we share, the better the outcomes will be”

Bruce D. Turner, AIA New Jersey congratulates you on being named the 2019 Moderator of the national AIA Strategic Council. We are awed by your tireless devotion to the betterment of the profession. We thank you for the time you have committed to your peers and future generations to come. We are most proud to call you our colleague. 

You can read more about the activity of the Strategic Council in Turner’s article in this recent edition of the YAF Connection on pages 120 and 121.

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