Architecture Matters – The Value of Good Design on your Community

April 21, 2021

Architecture Matters – The Value of Good Design on your Community

As the days in New Jersey grow longer and warmer, our municipalities will be looking to attract shoppers and diners to their towns. New Jersey Family has identified towns that they believe make terrific destinations for a day trip. What do these locations have in common? Great downtown design to showcase their parks, shops, restaurants and historical architecture. 

“Design excellence is the foundation for a livable community,” Jerry Eben, FAIA, said. “An attractive locality draws residents and visitors alike. It brings commerce and tax revenue into the community.”

As AIA members, investigate opportunities to assist your local community leaders in understanding and implementing decisions that strive for design excellence. Be a part of the change that draws people to the community. After a year in quarantine, people are eager to get out, take a walk, sit at an outdoor cafe and savor a beautifully designed community.  


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Architects are creative professionals, educated, trained, and experienced in the art and science of building design, and licensed to practice architecture. Their designs respond to client needs, wants and vision, protect public safety, provide economic value, are innovative, inspire and contribute positively to the community and the environment.

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