Update on AIA New Jersey Member John D. Lyon, AIA, in Honor of Black History Month

February 25, 2020

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John D. Lyon AIA Senior Architect Bergmann – Architects Engineers planners

Update on AIA New Jersey Member John D. Lyon, AIA, in Honor of Black History Month







The beauty is … Architecture responds dutifully.

Over the last year I have transitioned from two completely different design disciplines:  K-12 to Pharmaceutical. This is what I always loved about practicing architecture- the Architect is constantly challenged and learning new approaches. This also lends the opportunity to express new ideas and concepts to potential clients and eager, wide-eyed interns.



Whereas K-12 design emphasizes safety and security with the given and unfortunate recent occurrences of senseless shootings, pharmaceutical spaces underscore cleanliness and hygiene. Working with bacteria and tests; for example, HIV samples, researching for the cure also means a high-level of containment to avoid exposure that could trigger another outbreak like Coronavirus.



I have enjoyed and remain very enthusiastic about participating in AIA events like:

  • “Anyone can be an Architect”, motivating our children in inner cities about architecture as an creative career path;
  • the STEAM tank contest as judge,
  • and supporting women in architecture and Equity in the workplace culture.


I had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the Watford Conference when it was hosted in USA-2011.

I was later awarded a fellowship to attend the conference in 2016 Scandinavia and have ever since been one of two (2) USA delegates that have been actively participating.



The WATFORD Group was inaugurated in 1963 by architects and designers from the railway administrations of Great Britain, Holland and Sweden as part of the annual gathering of British Rail´s Regional Architects, and is named after the town of Watford in southern England where the meetings originally were held. Today the Watford Group covers more than 19 different countries including USA and Japan and overall, more than 50 heavy rail related companies. This year 2020 theme for the Watford conference is “Achieving Net-Zero” Singapore


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