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The 2023 AIA New Jersey Design Competition will be an electronic submission using CadmiumCD.  Participants will upload a PDF of their 40” x 40” design board, two images from the design board and a pdf of the text found on the design board into the system.  Please review the updated design categories.  A three-member out-of-state jury will review the boards and determine winners.  


The fee to participate remains at $150 for the first design submission and $100 for each additional submission.  You may submit a project in multiple categories at a fee of $150 for the first submission and $100 for each additional category. HOWEVER, you can only win in ONE category with that particular project.  You may submit unlimited projects. Winners will be announced at an in-person reception in November.


To be eligible, submissions must comply with all items under Criteria 1 and at least one item from Criteria 2 below.


  1. The individual submitting is the lead architect on that project. ‘Lead Architect’ is defined as the main client contact.
  2. The project, or submitted work, must have been completed after June 30, 2018. “Completed” is defined as “substantial completion” in accordance with standard AIA documents.
  3. Projects that have previously received an AIA NJ Award in any category are not eligible.
  4. Credit must be given to all contributing architectural firms. 


  1. An AIA New Jersey member whose practice is located in New Jersey may submit projects from any location.
  2. An AIA New Jersey member who practices outside of New Jersey may submit projects from any location.
  3. An AIA member from any state may submit projects located within New Jersey. 
  4. Only AIA and Associate AIA New Jersey members are eligible for the Unbuilt category. “Unbuilt” is defined as competitions or projects that are not intended to be built.  If your project wins in this category and at some point, is built, it cannot be submitted for consideration in any other category in the future. 


  • Registration Deadline: September 22, 2023 
    (registration fee must be paid, project does NOT have to be completed)
  •  Submission Deadline: October 9, 2023 – Early October 
    (project must be completed) 
  • Announcement of Awards: Design Nite to be held in November (more information to follow)


Submissions are electronic and require project category; project name and location;  architectural firm, principal, contact information and a PDF of the Board
Required Materials for Submission must include:

  • 40 x 40 PDF of Project Board 
  • 2 photos for use in marketing promotional materials (jpgs) 
  • 400 words Project Description as a word document 

Files Up to 115000 Kb will be accepted.


$150 for the first submission. $100 each additional submission.  Payment to be made by credit card.



Built Project categories recognize design excellence in various kinds of built architectural projects. Submissions may be a single building, a related group of buildings, interior architecture, additions, restorations, or adaptive use projects. Entries may fall into more than one category. You must pay for each entry.


Eligibility: Both public and private projects: single buildings, a related group of buildings forming a single project, and additions/renovations.

Residential Design

Eligibility: Single and multi-family residences and/or accessory buildings, new or remodeled, or any addition.


Eligibility: Projects that address design issues related to adaptive use, rehabilitation, reconstruction or pure restoration.

Interior Architecture

Eligibility: projects of any scope that may be new construction, renovation, or preservation 
or restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction or pure restoration that focuses on interior space.

Built Sustainability

Eligibility: Recognizes excellence in ecological stewardship, including reduced environmental impact 
and reduced energy consumption, as well as attention to quality of life issues, resiliency, and community engagement within the environment.

Built Installation Sculpture or Furniture Piece

Eligibility: Built specialty fabrications, art installations, furniture elements, sculptures; objects that are 
not necessarily buildings or spaces but are created by architects.

Small Projects

Eligibility: Projects $500,000 or less.


Unbuilt architectural designs, for which there is no current intent to build, of any project type, 
including purely theoretical, visionary projects, with or without a client.


Eligibility: urban design projects, planning programs, civic improvements, campus plans, 
plans, environmental programs or redevelopment projects. Examples might be research, 
policy development and implementation, community initiatives or charrettes, and input 
and assessment tools.

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