AIA New Jersey Premiers Four Women In Architecture Presenting Our Equity Guide to Community Engagement

March 3, 2021

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AIA New Jersey Premiers Four Women In Architecture Presenting Our Equity Guide to Community Engagement

This video is an AIA New Jersey webinar presented by the Equity in Architecture Committee on the AIA National Equity Guide to Community Engagement. The presenters are four AIA women in architecture known for their civic engagement and community service: Simone Tsigounis, AIA, Rachel Ehrlich, AIA, Susan Pikaart Bristol, AIA, and Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIA. The presentation was originally offered live over Zoom on September 16th, 2020.

Equitable and inclusive practices involve not only the workplace but also the communities and end-users that the profession serves to produce a more flourishing built environment. As community needs become deeper and more urgent, encompassing broad concerns such as resiliency and social justice, architects will do well to adopt solutions created in partnership with those communities. By practicing greater equity, the profession increases its value to society as well as its visibility among potential partners and future practitioners.

This course teaches the principles from the AIA Guides to Equitable Practice, Chapter 8: Engaging Community. It identifies areas of the profession that are lacking equity and providing tools and lessons that the attendees can apply to their own lives to increase equity in their personal and professional communities. The American Institute of Architects, as part of the global community, champions a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the profession of architecture to create a better environment for all. Achieving this vision has a direct impact on the relevance of our profession and the world’s prosperity, health, and future. This course directly aims to move the needle with regards to equity, diversity, and inclusion through teaching best practices in the area of community engagement. 


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