AIA New Jersey Reacts to Governor Murphy’s Inland Flood Protection Rule

November 2, 2022

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AIA New Jersey Reacts to Governor Murphy’s Inland Flood Protection Rule

AIA New Jersey issued the following statement in reaction to Governor Murphy’s newly issued Inland Flood Protection Rule. Details on the rule can be read HERE.

New Jersey Inland Flood Protection Rule Aims To Make Buildings More Resilient

The American Institute of Architects New Jersey Chapter (AIA New Jersey) applauds Governor Murphy’s announcement this past week of a new Inland Flood Protection Rule that aims to
make New Jersey buildings more resilient.

The Governor’s new rule announcement came on the week of the the10-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. The inland flood risks the new measures are designed to address were informed by the more recent devastation caused by Ida, which killed 30 people in New Jersey. Ida’s storm event came at the tail end of a series of intense weather fronts during the summer of 2021.

With intense storms becoming more routine due to climate change, and the current state and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood standards being outdated, New Jersey residents are at risk of being unprotected from flood risks from climate-influenced precipitation. The Inland Flood Protection Rule will require applicants for certain development permits in New Jersey to use newer precipitation data when calculating peak flow rates of streams and rivers for permits under the Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules and compliance with the DEP’s Stormwater Management rules. 

Municipalities will need to utilize new precipitation data when considering stormwater designs for residential development and will need to update their local ordinances before these new requirements will apply to non-residential developments at the local level.

The design elevations for new structures in riverine areas will be two feet higher than currently indicated on DEP flood maps and three feet higher than indicated on FEMA maps. AIA New Jersey member architects look forward to working with government and industry colleagues to design resilient and sustainable buildings that fight the effects of climate change.

Architects create and integrate storm-hardened, resilient features into buildings that protect the health safety and welfare of NJ residents throughout the state.

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