Register to become a STEAM Tank Judge!

March 21, 2023

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Register to become a New Jersey School Board Association STEAM Tank Judge!

We need your help !!  The New Jersey School Board Association STEAM Tank Competition is looking for more judges. This is an annual competition of kids grades K – 12 virtually presenting their innovative inventions and services to a panel of creative professionals for our constructive feedback and evaluation.  AIA NJ has been involved in STEAM Tank since its inception and the program is growing like crazy! Hundreds of NJ Schools are participating this spring. Learn more HERE

Without judges, we cannot hold presentations. The schedule is to complete Regional presentations by the 3rd week of April.  

Our STEAM Tank judges are the backbone of this program providing critical feedback to help our teams along their STEAM Tank journey.

What’s involved: after you register to be a judge, you will get access to the presentation schedule grid. Teams are scheduled Monday through Saturday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, and each presentation lasts about 20 minutes. Sign up for as many or as few as your schedule allows. At the time of the presentation, click on the link provided from your home or office, watch the live presentation and then provide feedback and ask questions. Each presentation will have at least three judges and an administrator, so you can follow along with what the others are doing as you are getting up to speed.  

STEAM Tank Judges Helpful Questions & Tips:

If you have any questions, are ready to commit to being a judge or know someone who may be interested in becoming a judge please contact or


Thank you for advancing student achievement in New Jersey Public Schools.




Jennifer Siehl

Manager, STEAM Tank 365 Community, Home of the STEAM Tank Challenge

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