The Integrated Path to Licensure Bill Has Been Signed by Governor Murphy

August 18, 2023

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The Integrated Path to Licensure Bill Has Been Signed by Governor Murphy

Thanks to the contributing combined efforts of the AIA Legislative and Government Affairs, Emerging Professionals and Executive Committees, Governor Murphy has signed Bill A4192. According to the summary from the Legislature, this updates current law by revising the education and experience requirements an individual must satisfy in order to obtain licensure as an architect in New Jersey and granting authority. The bill removes the requirement that an applicant for a license is to present an application to the board demonstrating, as part of the application, that at least 60 days before the examination, the applicant met education and experience requirements specified in current law.

The bill provides the New Jersey State Board of Architects with the authority to determine by regulation the education and experience requirements for applicants to the board, including through the deletion of the reference to the Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure program and of the number of hours of experience currently required. The bill also removes a requirement of current law that states that three years of experience related to architecture are needed to satisfy the experience requirement.

The bill takes effect immediately: however, it is likely that the State Board of Architects will have to issue new regulations as a result. Please share this exciting news with prospective NJ architects and stay tuned for details as this new process unfolds. Register HERE for the latest updates. 

Learn more about the Integrated Path To Licensure (IPAL) from NCARB by clicking HERE

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