AIA Members Invited to Register For Trends in Healthcare Design to Optimize Patient and Co-Care Team Experience

October 24, 2023

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AIA Members Invited to Register For “Trends in Healthcare Design to Optimize Patient and Co-Care Team Experience”

AIA-NJ is excited to offer “Trends in Healthcare Design to Optimize Patient and Co-Care Team Experience,” a free, online, 1 LU CEU session on Monday, November 13th at noon. 

Collin Beers, AIA Senior Principal and Medical Planning Thought Leader, Jon Sell Principal, Behavioral Health Specialist, and Franck Le Bousse, DPLG Principal, Lead Health Designer are all Healthcare Design Principals at Stantec share their combined experience in designing for specific healthcare areas of practice such as Team-based care and Technology-enabled care.  Learn their approach to designing for Workplace in Healthcare projects using experiential design methodologies.  Lastly, they will offer global observations around key areas of the care continuum including Outpatient services, Integrated Learners, Perioperative Services, and Inpatient Services.

Through this session, Beers, Sell, and Le Bousse will share what they learned was the unique experiences of patients and providers and how that shapes their specific healthcare design strategies that can best address these scenarios.  Through the utilization of experience-based methodologies, project teams may be able to assist clients in destigmatizing these areas of care and increase patient outcomes and overall comfort. Attendees can bring these methodologies back to their own practices changing the lens in which patients encounter each step along the Continuum of Care.  

Register for this free, member benefit program HERE

Additionally, their Philadelphia office at Three Logan Square 1717 Arch Street Suite 200, Philadelphia PA 19103-2745, invites individuals to participate in person. 




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