AIA New Jersey Small Firm Exchange Offers Program About Artificial Intelligence Image Generation for Architects

January 28, 2024

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AIA NJ President Brian Penschow AIA and William J. Martin AIA presenting at AIA Long Island on January 23, 2024. Photo credit: Graciela Carrillo, AIA

AIA New Jersey Small Firm Exchange Offers Program About Artificial Intelligence Image Generation for Architects

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Newly inaugurated AIA New Jersey President, Brian W. Penschow, AIA, has joined forces with the seasoned AIA New Jersey Public Awareness Co-chair, William J Martin, AIA, to spearhead the proficient integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the architectural field. Their primary objective is to explore how this cutting-edge technology can enhance the services provided by AIA member architects, ultimately benefitting the public.

Their collaborative initiative, titled “Artificial Intelligence Image Generation for Architects,” has evolved over the past year, with both architects meticulously examining the technical and practical facets of AI technology. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, Penschow delved into programming, processing, copyright considerations, and software requirements, focusing on aiding firms in seamlessly
incorporating AI into their practices. Meanwhile, Martin concentrated on making AI immediately beneficial for firms seeking to enhance creativity and streamline workflows.

Understanding the complexity of AI, the duo endeavors to demystify it by breaking down intricate concepts into more digestible terms. Their shared goal is to make AI accessible, fostering understanding and productivity for AIA member architects.

According to Lisa Walzer, AIA, AIA NJ SFx Co-Chair, “Speakers typically request that their audience put away their phones. Not Brian Penschow and Bill Martin. They were so enthusiastic about sharing their wealth of knowledge for generating architectural images using artificial intelligence, that they had webinar attendees take out their phones and start downloading AI software during their presentation!”

The overarching aim is to dispel apprehensions about AI potentially replacing architects and instead empower the profession to wield AI confidently and ethically. The duo’s unscripted presentations elucidate the creation and processing of AI-generated images, swiftly transitioning to demonstrating creative control over image generation. Attendees, many with minimal prior knowledge of AI, leave equipped to create AI images on their own devices.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of AI, each presentation is updated to provide the latest and most practical information. Attendees gain new skills and develop a heightened awareness of the ethical considerations surrounding AI use in the professional realm, including copyright infringement issues.

AIA NJ Small Firm Exchange co-chair, Sloan Springer, AIA, said, “AI is no doubt the hottest topic in the industry at the moment, with reactions ranging from excitement and implementation to fear and uncertainty. Brian and Bill masterfully addressed the full spectrum to deliver an interesting, insightful, and inspiring look at where we’re headed and how to get into the game at the ground level. I already can’t wait for a sequel!”

The program’s success is evident in the overwhelmingly positive response, with Penschow and Martin receiving invitations to present at various AIA meetings. Sessions, such as a sold-out December program for AIA South Jersey, AIA West Jersey in early January, AIA Long Island with over 60 attendees, and the AIA NJ Small Firm Exchange virtual session, attracting well over a hundred participants, showcase the growing demand for their insights.

Responding to this enthusiasm, Penschow and Martin are developing follow-up sessions that delve deeper into improving image generation. These advanced sessions will provide more detailed methods for effectively prompting AI to produce consistent and high-quality results, scheduled for release later in the year.

In expressing his aspirations, Penschow notes, “We aim to position architecture as a profession ahead of the curve. Early adoption of these technical advances in the ever-changing AI landscape will propel AIA member architects to the forefront of innovation.”

Components interested in booking this program for their members can contact Bill at to make arrangements. Follow AIA NJ for news of subsequent AI content as the series develops. 

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