The AIA New Jersey K12 Committee Announces the Winners of the NJ Architecture Week Tower of Tomorrow Contest!

May 15, 2024

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The AIA New Jersey K12 Committee Announces the Winners of the NJ Architecture Week Tower of Tomorrow Contest!

The AIA New Jersey K-12 Committee, co-chaired by Joseph David, AIA, and John Fallon, AIA, hosted a design competition for all New Jersey K-12 students, the AIA New Jersey K-12 TOWER OF TOMORROW CHALLENGE!

This competition was part of the celebration of New Jersey Architecture Week with AIA New Jersey. Students were invited to design their own “skyscraper of the future” in the AIA New Jersey K-12 TOWER OF TOMORROW CHALLENGE. Participants were invited to submit a drawing or a photo of a model, along with a description of their tower.   

A panel of New Jersey architects served as jurors to select winners in three categories: Elementary, Middle, and High School. One winner in each category received a $100 Amazon Gift Card. 

The jurors included Christiana Amey, AIA; Anna Chang, Associate AIA; and Paul Tiajaloff, AIA. 

The winners are:

Elementary School Category – First Place: Owen E.
First grade at Somerville Elementary School from Ridgewood

“My Tower of Tomorrow is an Earth-friendly hotel in a busy city. It has solar panels on the roof and sides that create energy for the building and big fans that generate power for the sunset/moonlight “viewing cabins” that stick out of the building. There is also a garden in the middle that houses plants for fresh air.”

Middle School Category – First Place: Kyah B.
Eighth grade at Buzz Aldrin Middle School from Montclair

“My building is inspired by Atomium Brussels. I liked the idea of the separate museums in each ball. So I used that idea. There are 3 different balls very high up with different art inside. You get up to them by using the straight columns in the middle (the elevators.)”

High School Category – First Place: Brianna F.
Senior at High Point Regional High School from Branchville

A rooftop restaurant, cafe, gym, and apartment all in one. The best plant garden is directly through the core.

Congratulations to all of the budding architects! 

Check out all the winning designs HERE


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