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Your help is needed to give architects a strong voice in New Jersey.

Now is the time to act. There are two ways to contribute:

Online Via mail

Click here to the get form.  Then print, fill out and mail to the address on the form.


Why APAC ?

The Business of Architecture is Controlled and Shaped by the Government
NJ State law dictates who can and who cannot practice architecture as well as the business relationships we can make. We need to protect the integrity and qualifications of the profession. We need a legislative voice in Trenton. We need to promote our role in the creation of the built environment and fight for fair procurement processes and laws. It is vitally important that public officials understand and appreciate the impact their policy decisions have on your profession. APAC helps elect public officials who share the goals and interests of the architectural profession.

Elections Cost Money
No matter what type of campaign finance reform may be adopted, it won’t change the fact that elections cost money. Political Action Committees, or  ‘PACs’, allow citizens with similar interests to combine their resources to support candidates and causes with which they agree. PACs level the playing field. By contributing to APAC, you will help elect public officials who care about architects and architecture. Political candidates receive APAC backing based on their demonstrated support of architectural issues, support from their local architectural community, voting records (if applicable), and input from the AIA New Jersey’s Legislative Affairs Committee.

APAC is an investment in your ‘Bottom Line’ 
Your APAC contributions help not only to promote issues important to architect’s voice but also help to increase the effect of the architect’s voice in issues that can have a negative impact on the profession such as the Interior Designers Certification Act that was passes a few years ago.

Currently, the New Jersey Legislative is considering a host of bills which will affect the architectural profession- from legislation supporting the Livable Communities agenda to project delivery, professional practice, business and procurement issues. Your APAC contribution helps elect candidates who are sympathetic to the needs of architects and the practice of architecture.

Strengthen the Architects Voice
Whether the goal is to elect good candidates to political office, or to clarify a constitutional amendment proposal to a register voter, APAC is the most effective way to promote and protect the architectural profession. If you are an AIA member, a contribution has been included on your dues invoice, but please check the ‘Guide for Giving’ section below for a recommended individual contribution. New Jersey law allows contributions of any amount and both personal and business/corporate contributions may be accepted up to $5,000.

Who governs APAC?

APAC is governed by an independent Executive Committee and Board of Trustees initially appointed by the leadership of AIANJ, and is administered by the AIANJ staff in accordance with New Jersey state law. Membership in APAC is not limited to AIA members. Future officers and trustees will be determined buy eligible voting APAC members. Become an APAC member today.

Levels of Giving

Annual APAC contributions of at least $50 or more will entitle you to become a voting member. As an active member you will receive an APAC lapel pin, and we may ask you to represent APAC at political fund-raisers. As a member of APAC, you can be informed of all contributions and are encouraged to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for political candidates you deem worthy of support.

Guide for Giving

  • Jefferson Society – $2,500 or more cumulative annual contribution (individual or firm)
  • Patron – $1,000-$2,499 cumulative annual contribution (individual or firm)
  • Advocate – $500-$999 cumulative annual contribution (individual or firm)
  • Member – $50-$99 cumulative annual contribution (individual or firm)

Please make check payable to:
414 River View Plaza
Trenton, New Jersey 08611
Phone: 609-393-5690
Fax: 609-393-9891

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes,
but they are very important, so please give generously.



To get more information on ArchiPac or to donate go to AIA National’s website.

What is ArchiPAC ?
ArchiPAC was founded in 1980 to serve as the single voice for the architecture profession on the national political scene. Associations such as the AIA are prohibited by federal law from making political contributions to candidates for federal office. ArchiPAC is the bipartisan political arm of the AIA, which exists to help elect architect-friendly candidates to the U.S. Congress. ArchiPAC is funded completely by individual donations from AIA members. In 2006 more than 2,500 AIA members supported ArchiPAC. All those contributions went to federal candidates.