Update on COAH in New Jersey

February 5, 2009

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AIA-NJ supports the proposed 18 month moratorium on COAH fees to promote economic activity in the state. We have formed a special task force which will research issues and make recommendations for COAH going forward. AIA-NJ has also been invited by State Senator Lesniak to participate in the COAH discussion over the next 18 months. 

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4 responses to “Update on COAH in New Jersey”

  1. Bruce D. Turner, AIA says:

    The COAH Task Force is currently seeking input from all members regarding the COAH regulations (both current and pending). We also are looking for input on the question of affordable housing as a general issue. To date, we have outlined a broad picture of the development of COAH in NJ and we now want to understand and separate the facts from the emotions of the issue so as to better formulate an objective policy moving forward.

  2. Bruce D. Turner, AIA says:

    Robert Emert, AIA provided the following link to find out some basics about COAH. Make sure you refer to the links for additional information.


  3. Linda Strange says:

    COAH has a bedroom distribution requirement which is potentially unrealistic of market demand. Our design for a 5-unit low-income COAH project currently under construction was required to have maximum 20% one bedroom units, minimum 30% two bedroom units, and minimum 20% three bedroom. Therefore, the bedroom distribution provided is 1-1BR, 3-2BR, 1-3BR. We have been told that the 4 year waiting list is for mostly one bedroom units. It seems the bedroom distribution requirement should be linked to local need.

  4. Catherine Lorentz, AIA says:

    I was recently appoint to the Township’s housing advisory committee. This is a new committee of 12 citizens who are trying to help this small municipality understand and deal with the COAH requirements. We are located within Cape May County.

    My first question can anyone point me to some recently built project that fall within the COAH standards and guide lines? I am looking to visit all type weather they are successful or not.



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