DIGroupArchitecture, LLC
Address: 15 Bethany St New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Firm Specializes In:

Architecture, planning, interior design, environmental graphic design, signage/wayfinding services and energy planning strategies for academic, civic, healthcare and senior living clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Rich Alderiso, AIA
Jessica Bailey, Assoc. AIA
Kurt Baur, AIA
Bill Corfield, AIA
Kelli Glasgow, AIA
Shijun Huang, AIA
LoriAnne Jones, AIA
Jaime Masler, AIA
Zil Mistry, Assoc. AIA
Vincent Myers, AIA
Justin Saler, AIA
Swarupa Samant, AIA

1417 N. 2nd Street, Suite 3M
Philadelphia, PA  19122

Phone: 732.249.6242
Fax: N/A
Contact: Jeffrey Venezia, AIA
Email: jvenezia@digrouparchitecture.com
David Robinson Architectural Workshop, P.C. (DRAW)
Address: 16 Idlebrook Lane, Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Jersey Shore
Firm Specializes In:

Firm Specializes In:   LOCAL. REGIONAL. MODERN. SUSTAINABLE. Monmouth
County and coastal NJ area projects, particularly where a high level of
service and design is desired for residential and small-to-medium scaled commercial projects.

Phone: (732) 441-3532
Contact: D. Brooke Robinson, AIA, LEED AP
Email: brooke@draworkshop.com